Review: Golden Restaurant (Dim Sum)

One of the challenges of living in Ottawa is finding good Chinese food; for whatever reason, the Chinese food here is often mediocre at best – at least in comparison to Calgary.

Good dim sum is even harder to find. Unless you live in the vicinity of Chinatown, there are not that many options out there.

I was craving dim sum recently and so my wife and I decided to try out Golden Restaurant located in Barrhaven.

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Review: Dim Sum at Oriental Chu Shing Restaurant

It is always a great thing when family comes and visits, and what is even more great is to go together and share a meal at a place you’ve never tried.

As I mentioned previously, I love dim sum – I grew up on the cuisine and always try to seek out some good dim sum whenever I can. So when we planned to head down to Somerset again to show my parents around Chinatown, we were on the hunt for dim sum. The reviews online for Oriental Chu Shing Restaurant in Ottawa’s Chinatown is quite fair and so as we parked our car on a rainy Friday lunch, we made a quick decision between Yangtze on one side of Somerset and Chu Shing on the other.

A friend had mentioned to us when we first visited Ottawa months ago that these two restaurants were “the best” in the area and were often in competition with one another.

We could’ve been persuaded to try the other restaurant, but we opted to try out Chu Shing this time around.

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