Review: The Dirty Gringo

Having moved now to Ottawa, our family now has the challenge of looking for new food establishments to frequent as well as new supermarkets to purchase our foodstuffs.

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Review: White Elephant

Screen Shot 2013-06-07 at 9.05.58 AM

Tucked away in a shoddy hotel in Northeast Calgary is a little gem called “White Elephant Cuisine”, a Thai restaurant that is absolutely worth your time to go to.

At the corner of 16th Avenue and 19th Street N.E. and located inside The Pointe Inn, is White Elephant, a “mom and pop” restaurant operated on the ground floor and situated down the hall of the inn. This restaurant is what one would call a “hole in the wall”, but please do not judge it by its looks.

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Review: Bolero’s

There is a type of barbecue cuisine that exceeds all others in terms of sheer quantity and breadth of meats that tantalize your taste buds and make you death-full: Brazilian BBQ.

There are two main Brazilian BBQ in Calgary, namely, Gaucho’s and Bolero’s, both are located minutes from each other on Macleod Trail South.

My wife and I have frequented Bolero’s twice now, the first time, I had forgotten to write-up a review and take photos, but this past Tuesday, I remembered to bring along my camera as we dove into the delightful meaty offerings at Bolero’s.

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Canmore and Banff Trip: 3 Awesome Eateries!

The wife and I finally decided to take our first “vacation” since we got married and stayed a weekend away in Canmore, AB.
What a refreshing time away – not having to worry about our dog Gemma and just spending time resting and eating!

Often when I travel, I try my best to carefully pick out the best bang-for-your-buck eateries that I can. This weekend’s eateries included the following:

1. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. (Canmore)
2. La Belle Patate (Canmore)
3. Sushi House (Banff; no website)

I must say that all three eateries were superb!

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Epic Garlic Roasted Turkey Drumstick and Vermicelli

I saw a deal that I could not pass up today while grocery shopping at Lucky’s Supermarket today: two turkey drumsticks for $7!!

So i decided to roast the drumsticks and serve it with vermicelli!

The turkey drumsticks were simply sprinkled with salt and pepper and marinated in a splash of soy sauce and vinegar to help tenderize the meat. I cut up some garlic and crushed some whole cloves and places them in a pan with the drumsticks and then roasted them for 90 minutes at 380 degrees. I also added about a cup of water into the pan to help add humidity to the cooking process.

Here’s the end result:




The drumsticks were absolutely splendid! They were moist and tender and had a wonderful garlic fragrance!

Until next time!

Fave Recipes: Chicken Wings in Cola Sauce!

Yes, the you read the title of this post correctly. One of my favourite recipes that I have is Chicken Wings braised in Cola Sauce. It was one of the first recipes that I learned from my mother as a young boy. It’s an easy recipe to teach a 10-year-old kid who was taking care of his 3 younger siblings while both parents are working in order to put their kids through school and have food on the table (the joys of being an immigrant family!).

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The Secret Behind Beef Stir-Fry

I confess that I have not been able to contribute to this blog as much as I could given the fact that I have been cramming like crazy to keep up my GPA and finish my masters degree in the next few weeks and God willing, graduate with the rest of my friends in April. It’s a lousy excuse, but I want to keep my doors open for a Ph.D. at some point in life, if my wife allows it… =)

All joking aside, I’ve been meaning to write more regarding recipes and cooking and I thought why not write about what I cooked for this evening’s dinner?

Stir-Fry is one of those “Anything Goes” type of cuisines in Asian culinary arts that really can be done with anything that you have on hand[1], granted you need the following as a base: vegetable oil, garlic, onions, ginger, rice wine, and some light soy sauce. This base for your stir-fry will be able to get you started on any type of combination of stir-fry that you can think of. The beauty of stir-fry is that it is contextual – it really is “anything goes”! I often like to look in my fridge or freezer to see what I have as a protein and a vegetable and go from there. You can layer on as much or as little veggies as you want, and typically you will have at least either chicken, pork, or beef as your main protein in your stir-fry.

At this point, you may ask:

Where’s the photo of this beef stir-fry?

And my answer:

It’s 11:30 PM… I am too lazy to go take a photo of the darn thing!

I’m not really going to elaborate much on stir-fry cooking per se in this blog, I’ll leave that for another day.
What I will pontificate is the secret behind how you getting a succulent slice of beef with your stir-fry when typically stir-fry is a quick and very hot cooking method.

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