Review: The Dirty Gringo

Having moved now to Ottawa, our family now has the challenge of looking for new food establishments to frequent as well as new supermarkets to purchase our foodstuffs.

This past weekend we had the opportunity to head down to the U.S. border and visit Ogdensburg, NY, a beautiful port city across the St. Lawrence River. I had to pickup a set of snow tires I had purchased online.

My wife and I felt a trip to the border would be wasted if we did not try some o the local restaurants there. So we chose to go to The Dirty Gringo, a little eatery offering Mexican-style food.


The online reviews of this eatery are highly favourable and we could see why. The menu was simple, consisting of quesadillas, burritos, and nachos in a variety of offerings.

My wife opted for a half order of the nachos and I ordered “The Gringo”, the massive deluxe burrito. Our son had a kid-sized quesadilla.





The food was really good and flavourful; I had a mild hot sauce added to my burrito and it was just the right amount of heat. My wife couldn’t even finish her half nachos!

The Gringo burrito turned out to be a half pound of pure chaos to try to eat. Mixed with the ground beef was a slurry of refried beans, grated potatoes, salsa, bacon (OMG!!) and three fried eggs (amazing!).

I barely finished my burrito!

We both enjoyed our meals and I was a little worried that I was going to fall asleep on the way back to Ottawa!

There are quite a few eateries both in Prescott (the Canadian side of the border) and in Ogdensburg, and only a few hours away are Watertown and Syracuse, NY, much larger cities that I assume also have good grub!

Can’t wait to try another eatery on my next visit!


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