Making Bánh Xèo Video

As promised, here is the video detailing how to make Central Vietnam Style Bánh Xèo!

Also as a bonus, the recipe for making Nước Mắm (Vietnamese Dipping Sauce for vermicelli and rice dishes) is included because it is needed in order to make the dipping sauce for the crepes!

Hope you enjoy it!



3 thoughts on “Making Bánh Xèo Video

  1. Nick and I are new to your blog and love it! Watching you cook makes us sooooo very hungry and cant wait to have our kitchen back to start cooking your recipes. We will let you know how “the hungry Canadians” like “the hungry asian” recipes 🙂
    thanks Thich!
    The Hungry Canadians,
    Tamara and Nick

  2. thanks for the detail demo….will definitely try soon….
    I will share this with my friends too.

  3. That is definitely a different banh xeo than the one we had! But man, that looks good!!! I’ll have to make it sometime. 😉

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