Canmore and Banff Revisited

The wife and I went out to Canmore and Banff again several weekends ago to hang out with her family.

Harvest Cafe

We opted to try a different eatery on this visit and after a quick peek at we settled on Harvest Cafe, a little eatery that was several blocks from Main street.

We spent some time looking at the menu before settling on the grilled chicken wrap.

I wasn’t quite sure what to expect when we ordered the wrap… but I was delightfully surprised!

The wrap came with a splendid carrot and kale soup and the wrap itself was grilled on a panini press!
The perfectly juicy chicken breast, amazing melted cheese, and the crispy grilled wrap all contributed to a resounding agreement between my wife and I that this was perhaps the best grilled wrap that we have ever had… ever.

I would highly recommend swinging by this little eatery and trying it out!


We had lunch the next day in Banff at a restaurant called Balkan.
The restaurant serves predominantly Greek fare but because of the touristy nature of Banff, it offered traditional Canadian items such as BLTs and fries.

I ordered a pulled lamb sub and my wife ordered a wrap. The lamb was very juicy and tasted great and my wife enjoyed her meal for the most part.
Would I eat here again? Probably not. The decor is nice and what not, but I’ve had better Greek in Calgary.

I am enjoying the various outings that my wife and I have when we head out to the Rockies and I encourage you to try different eateries out and support the local economy. Sure there are restaurants you’ll find you don’t like but there will be gems such as Harvest Cafe that are hidden from the main thoroughfare and are an absolute delight!

Until next time!


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