Canmore and Banff Trip: 3 Awesome Eateries!

The wife and I finally decided to take our first “vacation” since we got married and stayed a weekend away in Canmore, AB.
What a refreshing time away – not having to worry about our dog Gemma and just spending time resting and eating!

Often when I travel, I try my best to carefully pick out the best bang-for-your-buck eateries that I can. This weekend’s eateries included the following:

1. Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. (Canmore)
2. La Belle Patate (Canmore)
3. Sushi House (Banff; no website)

I must say that all three eateries were superb!

Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co.

My wife and I sort of stumbled upon this one after having a failed attempt at trying to find dim sum in Banff and opted to return to Canmore instead. After perusing we ended up settling on Rocky Mountain Flatbread Co. and while the restaurant wasn’t open when we first arrived, we are glad that we waited!

The decor inside is completely different than the decor on the outside. It’s kind of wild and trendy on the inside, chalkboard paint littered the walls and a giant wood-fired oven sat at the end of the room waiting to receive the flatbread pizzas that would be fed into it.

We ordered the flatbread appetizer which was glazed with a garlic oil wash and accompanied by an awesome dipping sauce.

My wife opted for the “Apple Chicken Harvest” pizza and I opted for the “Rancher’s Choice”. Both were cooked to perfection in little time in the crazy behemoth oven and both were absolutely delectable! The flavours in the Apple Chicken Harvest pizza were mild but not obnoxious and my Rancher’s Choice pizza was surprisingly subtle and “sophisticated” in its flavouring. The customer service was awesome and the food was worth returning for!


La Belle Patate

This little restaurant is a hidden gem in Canmore. It actually has one of the highest ratings on for eateries in Canmore but it’s not located on the main drag and is hidden in an industrial area!

My wife and I love Quebecois cuisine and when internet reviews RAVE about a restaurant’s smoked meat sandwich and poutine, you cannot do anything but oblige to go and check out such an eatery! So that’s what we did!

The restaurant is small and can seat probably 15-25 people and is truly Quebecois! The owners greeted and conversed with a number of their customers in French and were chip and cheery as they took our orders.

We opted for a medium traditional poutine, the traditional smoked meat sandwich, and a handmade burger. My wife said that the burger was one of the best that she had ever eaten, and the poutine was straight out of Quebec! La Belle Patate uses “squeaky cheese”, a special cheese that is used for poutine in Quebec that we have not seen anywhere in Alberta except here; the cheese actually “squeaks” as you chew it! My smoked meat sandwich was deadly. I’m not sure if I could use any other adjective to describe it. Now if you read about my smoked meat sandwich experience at “Alberta King of Subs” then you will know that I thought that sandwich was absolutely superb (and it is!)… but while AKS’s sandwich was hearty due to its thicker slices, La Belle Patate’s smoked meat is shaved thinly and because of this, the juice of the meat is trapped between the shaved meat and produces an amazing flavour!

Please… do yourself a favour the next time you are in Canmore – GO EAT AT LA BELLE PATATE!


Sushi House

I have not had a chance to eat sushi in quite a long time and so why I thought why not go to one of the best rated sushi restaurants in Banff?

We were the first to be seated in this tiny 14-seat restaurant, a sushi eatery that operates using a train delivery system for their sushi rather than ordering through a menu (although you can request orders as well!). Due to my wife’s pregnancy, much of the eating at this restaurant was performed by moi! … and boy did I eat my share of sushi!

The sushi chef was cheerful and chatted with the customers as he prepared his delicate and sophisticated sushi rolls. My wife winced as I reached for the fried squid tentacles… but seriously – who can resist such an awesome dish?

The sushi is fresh, tastes good, and the service is top notch. This is a small family run business and so it prides itself in making good food in order to bring back its clientele – and this clearly is the case as soon as we sat down a crowd of 10 people came into the restaurant.

I like these kind of eateries, they are filled with heart and they pride themselves in making great food.


I love having “foodie” weekends and this was a great start to an awesome summer!

Until next time: eat, cook, and enjoy!

Check out the video review of our trip below!


One thought on “Canmore and Banff Trip: 3 Awesome Eateries!

  1. I’m not a sushi fan, but Ray and I will definitely take your recommendation regarding La Belle Patate, the next time we’re in Canmore!

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