Review: Reef ‘N Beef

The Northeast of Calgary truly is a place that has a treasure trove of hidden foodie gems. The Reef ‘N Beef is another place like this. Located at 13-3735 Rundlehorn Dr NE and tucked in the corner of a strip mall, this place has had good reviews on Urbanspoon and several other foodie forums in Calgary. To celebrate my coming graduation from Seminary, my wife suggested we go out to eat and so we settled on this place to try.

The outside of the restaurant is very unassuming, it doesn’t even have windows! But once you step inside, the décor is older and reminiscent of a British style beef restaurant, very pub-like and yet regal… in some other ways. The décor would best resemble that of Smuggler’s Inn.

My wife opted for the veal parmigiana and I opted for the surf ‘n turf lobster and prime rib. The meals came with a choice of the soups of the day, I chose the clam chowder and my wife the french onion soup and also a choice of house salad or caesar salad.

Possibly the best french onion soup in town??

The clam chowder was splendid and wasn’t skimpy on the clams and other fixin’s. The surprise out of our appetizers was the french onion soup! I have had my fair share of french onion soup across this city and often find that it is either lacking, bland, or cooked with too much salt and tastes instead like sodium soup rather than onion soup. The french onion soup had a medium flavour to it and was filled with actual onions and was just the perfect blend of seasonings!

Our main dishes were HUGE… my wife barely ate half of her entree and I just managed to finish the dish but left the french fries (which were house-made!).

The surf and turf was soooo good! The prime rib was cooked to the exact order: "as bloody as it can be..." and the lobster tail was plump and juicy.


Overall, our dining experience was very enjoyable and the service was quite remarkable (for our day and age in Calgary!). We were a little concerned that there were more people in the lounge than in the dining area, but halfway through our meal there were about six other tables that were seated (mind you we arrived at 5pm for dinner… on a Friday!).

Would I go there again? DEFINITELY.

Until next time, eat well!


One thought on “Review: Reef ‘N Beef

  1. Just found your blog and will be following you. This is a great review, and I love all the photos as well.


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