Reviews: Alberta King of Subs

Tucked in a corner of the Northeast of Calgary, Alberta King of Subs boasts a menu of submarines and Montreal smoked meat sandwiches which are fabulous!

If you’ve had smoked meat sandwiches in Montreal before, you know that it is absolutely amazing meat and it’s tough to find good smoked meat outside of Montreal. Alberta King of Subs (AKS) gets their smoked meat from Montreal rather than making their own smoked meat. The results are still the same as eating in a Montreal eatery though: YUM!

AKS is an unassuming little eatery stuck in-between a 7-Eleven and a gas station. It probably seats about 30 people at the most and as such, it benefits from a lot of pedestrian customers. While I waited on a Thursday afternoon for my order of the “Traditional” smoked meat sandwich with a dijon mustard spread, I was preceded by two other individuals and had another four people lined up after me.

The service is splendid, it’s always a neat thing when you go to an eatery and the cashier who is taking the orders knows the names of the customers who are ordering their meals. It’s neat and rare in a city like Calgary!

I opted for a take-out so I could return back to my office; it took about ten minutes for me to get my order because the meat is hand carved rather than sliced via a machine and so it adds another human touch to the entire experience. They did not skimp on the portions either – even for being the “regular” sized order, my sandwich ended up being monstrous and I could not even fit all of the meat in my sandwich for fear of it being too big!

Ridiculous portions for just the "regular" sized order!
The meal also came with a 1/4 of a pickle!

My culinary experience at AKS was so good that my wife demanded me to get us an order the next day for lunch plus a side order of small poutine (ALSO GOOD! I think the curds were also from Quebec as well!).

If you live in the Northeast of Calgary YOU MUST check out this place! It’s great service, great food!
If you don’t live in the Northeast… you really should venture into the “dark side” to try out some of the amazing foodie places and culinary treasures in our ethnically diverse neighbourhoods.


3 thoughts on “Reviews: Alberta King of Subs

  1. My mouth is watering as I read this post. We need to go there when we get back!

  2. This is one of Ray’s favourite places for subs!

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