Epic Garlic Roasted Turkey Drumstick and Vermicelli

I saw a deal that I could not pass up today while grocery shopping at Lucky’s Supermarket today: two turkey drumsticks for $7!!

So i decided to roast the drumsticks and serve it with vermicelli!

The turkey drumsticks were simply sprinkled with salt and pepper and marinated in a splash of soy sauce and vinegar to help tenderize the meat. I cut up some garlic and crushed some whole cloves and places them in a pan with the drumsticks and then roasted them for 90 minutes at 380 degrees. I also added about a cup of water into the pan to help add humidity to the cooking process.

Here’s the end result:




The drumsticks were absolutely splendid! They were moist and tender and had a wonderful garlic fragrance!

Until next time!


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