Review: Rocky Mountain Bagel Co.

Growing up I was never a fan of bagels, to top it off, I was not a fan of cream cheese (or cheese for that matter). So in my mind, why spend money on a bagel and cream cheese when you dislike both items?

Fast forward to today. Now, I enjoy bagels, but they have to be fairly fresh and involve meat. Bagel and cream cheese? Um, no thanks… Bagel and meat? Please!

And so when we had a church staff and board retreat in last October in Canmore, Alberta, it was a pleasant surprise for us to drop in on a busy Sunday morning to grace the local establishment known as Rocky Mountain Bagel Company.

Immediately I fell in love with the trendy decor and how busy it was. For the most part, I love busy eateries, there is a kind of life that exists there that I would not trade for a quiet evening at some upscale restaurant. It’s just not my shindig.

Instead, we were greeted to the busy sounds of people enjoying their eats and coffees.

At that time, I had ordered a Breakfast Lox, a breakfast bagel that comprised of your choice of bagels (I chose a jalapeno and cheese) with egg, mozzarella, pacific smoked salmon, lemon and cream cheese. That was the best bagel sandwich I’ve had in my life – there was a richness to it, and an explosion of flavour and the distinguishable tartness of the lemon juice created a euphoric feeling of yumminess: that’s what food should always do to you!

So, when I went home that October afternoon, I could not stop telling my wonderful wife about this amazing bagel shop in Canmore and that I wanted to take her to eat there sometime.

Well, that “sometime” was last Saturday as we hopped into our little car and drove out to Canmore and Banff for a nice day in the mountains.
My wife was immediately taken away at the choices of bagels that were available and also the variety pack (Last Night’s Dozen) that was available for purchase (about $5) which she excitedly picked up like a giddy schoolgirl. She ordered a jalapeno and cheese bagel with herb and garlic cream cheese (about $5) and after much deliberation, I opted for the Breakfast Lox (about $8) because it had the most meat of all the sandwiches.

We seated ourselves as our bagels were being prepped.
I enjoyed listening to the conversations going on around me because you could tell that this clearly was a community eatery. People knew each other, the staff knew the customers, customers recognized one another and asked about their children’s schooling and so on and so forth. It was incredibly refreshing to experience that sense of familiarity and community that is often so lacking in Calgary as we do not have enough local community eateries.

I ate my Breakfast Lox, wishing I could relish it for that much more longer. Instead, once again, the Rocky Mountain Bagel Co. left with me a satisfaction that would not acquiesce until the next time I find myself in the quaint mountain town of Canmore.

Cheers to the Rocky Mountain Bagel Co. and until next time!


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