Musings On the Forbidden Fruit

It’s durian season and that means many Asian supermarkets in Calgary stock up on this frozen fragrant fruit. For many people, it’s a love-hate relationship when it comes to durian.

My father loves durian. My mother abhors it.

I like durian, my wife thinks I am crazy.

I think it receives such a love-hate relationship because really… it’s a fruit that is just so weird and wild!

Think about it… what would possess a person to look up a durian tree (yes… they grow on trees!) and say: “I wonder what that thing tastes like on the inside?”

Don’t you think God put spikes on the darn thing for a reason? Doesn’t it scream “Don’t eat me or you will die!”?

That’s why I think the forbidden fruit mentioned in the book of Genesis was probably a durian. Too many people think it’s an apple – seriously, what’s so scary about an apple? But the durian… one look at that and you can’t deny that there was something inherently forbidden built into its design!

Durian is funny, because if the smell doesn’t deter you, then the spikes will. And if the spikes don’t deter you from eating it, usually the texture is what will knock you off your feet and send you heading to the hills. I don’t think you can describe durian’s texture any better than something akin to fibrous ice cream. I mean, to be honest, it is a very sweet fruit, tastes delicious, but in all honestly, the first time I had durian I gagged. That kind of texture is just not natural.

Frozen durian is a staple here in North America, many Filipinos, Chinese and Vietnamese people love dining on the fruit, but ask any of them and they will tell you nothing beats having a fresh durian picked off the tree.

Durian is a rich fruit, because of its creamy nature, it really does feel like you are eating something very rich, but it leaves you with a light feeling after consuming the first morsel.

I am not trying to convert anyone to becoming a durian lover… by no means!
But next time you see a durian, I hope you’ll agree with me that indeed, that was probably the thing that got Adam and Eve kicked out of the garden.


4 thoughts on “Musings On the Forbidden Fruit

  1. Thich I laughed alot at this post. Excellent heurmaneutic and exegeting of Genesis. LOL

  2. I don’t know Thich. I think if durian had been the fruit on the tree Adam and Eve would have been happy to leave the garden! Just driving by the durian stands here in Davao is enough to make me want to run away! And I don’t know how it fits the description of “GOOD for food and PLEASING to the eye”. I would say it is a result of the curse in Gen 3:17-18. Just my humble opinion though…

  3. Ok Thich, I can’t say I agree with you on durian being the forbidden fruit simply for the reason that the Bible says that when Eve saw the fruit it was pleasing to her eye. There is no way durian is pleasing to the eye and even if it was somehow pleasing or intruigung, the smell would have caused her to throw it far, far away instead of wanting to eat it:)

  4. LOL … but isn’t beauty in the eye of the beholder? 😉 hehehe

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